David Baylen – Town Board

I currently serve the residents of Claverack as an active member of the Churchtown Fire Company, Chairperson of the Friends of the Claverack Library and AARP Volunteer Tax Preparer for senior and low income Claverack residents.

Through my 30 year professional career in Technology Education, I have extensive experience in public finance budgets, grant applications and emergency preparedness disaster management.

I believe in public service for the public good through hard work, commitment and dedication.

DAVID BAYLEN settled in the town of Claverack many years ago because of its beautiful rural character, history and small town life. Having spent his childhood and 4 - decade work life in New York City, David felt that life in Claverack would give him the opportunity to do the things he loves most.

David started his professional career as a high school shop teacher, teaching kids how to create, craft, problem solve, and take joy in making something with your own hands. David spends much of his spare time today woodworking in his own home shop, making objects both functional and beautiful in a craft that is both old and new. As the world of education changed, and school curriculum moved from offering students industrial arts classes to technology, David immediately retooled. He became a leader in computer technology, eventually rising to the position Technology Director and School District Administrator in a 6000 student school district on Long Island. There, David was responsible for and gained expertise in large budget and service management, local and state purchasing regulations, technology infrastructure, and emergency preparedness and disaster management.

In David’s family, community and public service was honored, and his parents were always in engaged in volunteer civic activities. This taught David that getting involved, helping others, and giving back enriches one’s life immensely. So today, David is an active member of the Churchtown Fire Company, and Chairperson of the Friends of the Claverack Free Library, and an AARP trained Volunteer Tax Preparer serving the needs of seniors and low income residents in the Village of Philmont and the Town of Claverack during the tax season.

Running for a seat on the Claverack Town Board is exactly the way he can honor the past, serve his community, and bring a fresh perspective, open mind, and expertise to the challenges facing our town now. The decisions made over the next few years will determine the future of the town of Claverack. David believes attracting and retaining young families with small business opportunity, as well as serving the needs of our seniors will keep our community growing. Both young and old need Broadband and internet access now, to support education, small business development and communication. Transparency in government can best be achieved when residents have the ability to both access town information and participate in government either in person or over the internet.

David looks forward to using his knowledge and skills, values taught to him by his family, and work ethic to serve all residents, in all the historic areas, villages and communities in the Town of Claverack. He looks forward to receiving your vote on Election Day, November 7th, 2017.

Contact David: dbaylen@gmail.com