Joanna Tipple – Town Clerk

I love living in Claverack on our family farm in Mellenville. I have served the community for years as a pastor. I intend to bring that high level of care, concern, and integrity to my role as town clerk.

I respect the rural values that we all cherish here in Claverack. I will serve every citizen that needs my help as town clerk.

I will respect and welcome all Claverack residents who come to
town hall as I carry out the duties of the clerk. I will work with
the supervisor and board to effectively conduct the very
important business of our town and assist the board as they
move our vision forward into the future.

JOANNA TIPPLE came to Claverack when she and her husband David moved from Greene County back to his family farm in 2006.  Joanna and Dave are both pastors serving congregations in the Columbia Greene region.  They were married in 1998 and look forward to celebrating their 20th anniversary next year.  They met in New Brunswick Theological seminary in NJ.   They are proud of their two adult children, Amber and Justin LaPiana.  Amber, a college professor, her husband Jim and Milo, the light of Joanna’s heart live in California.  Justin is a lawyer in NJ.  Joanna and Dave also provide a home for Tabby, La’Niyah her daughter and Travis.   And these are just the human family members.  The traditional dog and cats along w/a pig named Clare, 3 horses and a varying number of fowl all make their home on Rooster Haven Farm.

Joanna graduated from her local community college with an AA and AAS.  She received her bachelors’ degree from Thomas Edison University located in Trenton NJ.  After working for a number of years in various positions, including police officer and clerical, she applied to the seminary in the early 1990’s attending part-time for three years.  She left school to take care of her parents and children but with the intention to return as soon as possible.

After her marriage to Dave and move to Greene County, Joanna worked for a year in a local adoption agency.  She was then contacted by the regional United Methodist Church administrator who asked if she would be willing to serve two small local congregations in Columbia County.  Because of her prior training and education she was able to say yes to this request.  After serving for three years, Joanna returned to seminary where she graduated in 2005.  In January of 2006, she was ordained by the local
judicatory in the Reformed Church in America.  She served a local congregation for two years and then determined her call had ended.  In the summer of 2008, Joanna rode with over 200 cyclists and about 25 support people, across the country to raise awareness of and funds to combat poverty.  She rode about 2000 of the 3000 miles of that trip, from Seattle WA to Jersey City , NJ.  In 2013, Joanna rode for almost a week meeting the group in Ausable Chasm NY and finishing the ride in Staten Island NY. You can find information about those rides on her C2C FB page.  Other involvements include volunteering at ReStore when it first opened, joining Columbia Land Conservancy, and the Farm Bureau.

During this time, Joanna held several positions which developed her secretarial/administrative skills including record keeping, filing, correspondence, newsletter, press releases, appointment setting, contacting individuals and organizations for data collection and getting information out in a timely manner.  She is comfortable with using a computer and hopes to see Broadband brought to Claverack very soon.  It is part of what makes our towns run more efficiently.

In 2012, Joanna began serving the First Reformed Church in Catskill where she continues as a pastor providing spiritual leadership and guidance,  care, and other pastoral responsibilities including weddings, funerals etc.  While campaigning she is on hiatus from working as a radio programmer at WGXC 90.7 playing tunes and musing about life on her program, “Faith Matters.”  She is also taking a break from Toastmasters.  Joanna hopes you will contact her or any of the other candidates she is running with: Laura Miller, Supervisor and Dave Baylen and Stephen King for Town Board.  Please vote November 7.

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