Laura Miller – Supervisor

My family has lived in Claverack for over 9 generations, because of the beauty and character of this town.

My job as supervisor would be to protect the values and traditions of the past, while working with others to help move the town forward for generations to come.

Claverack is my home. I went to Claverack School and hold the values I learned there close to my heart. I’m proud to call Claverack the home where I live with my husband and two boys.

We need economic development but it must be compatible
with the character of the town. My vision of the future
includes and honors all people of Claverack.

I promise to do my best to take thoughtful care of
Claverack. With my long history of working hard and
valuing others I know our town will prosper.

LAURA MILLER is a Claverack resident through and through. She was born to wonderful parents Karen and Cliff Miller on Oak Hill Rd. Laura grew up in Claverack, where her family has been for more than nine generations, in a world full of possibility and hope. She is very proud to call Claverack home, the place that seeds and grows her ideals. She lives on Kittle Rd. with her excellent husband Sam and two tremendous boys, Arya and Miller.

Laura received her Masters of Science in Education from the College of Saint Rose. Then, working closely with colleagues in the classrooms of PS21 in Bronx, NY, she successfully taught and coached young people through the difficulties of 911. Eventually beckoned home, to beautiful Claverack, Laura served as a teacher and literacy coach for the Hudson City School District and was quickly tenured.

Laura’s capacity for challenges brought her to India where she ran the US Embassy School in Kolkata. While teaching, purchasing, organizing, planning and programming, Laura had the chance to build relationships with diplomats, international business executives, thousands of children, and more people than she could ever imagine! After her time with the school, she loved working with the people of India so much that she and her husband stayed on to run their own training institute, where Laura’s international coaching clients were C level executives at firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), and LaFarge Cement. She led hundreds of communication trainings and coaching sessions for hospitals, schools, and telecommunication companies. She also volunteered at several educational nonprofits, advising the leadership and helping in any way she could.

When their son Arya was nine months old, Laura and Sam moved back to the United States so he could grow up in Claverack. Back home Laura became the Director of Perfect Ten Hudson where she helped scores of girls after school. It was here, at the only girls club in Columbia County, that Laura strengthened her relationships with state and local organizations to provide original programming and support for Hudson girls. At Perfect Ten she worked around the clock to give girls what they need, be it help with math, a ride home, a hot meal or a shoulder to cry on. She currently serves as a mentor. You may even be fortunate enough to meet a girl at your door with Laura as she’s campaigning.

When she’s not helping out as a Trustee for the Claverack Free Library she runs her own consulting business and spends every free minute with her boys.

Laura’s success comes from communication and collaboration with others, skills she will use to create opportunities for Claverack. This girl does not just teach, administrate and run businesses; she brings together community and turns relationships into possibilities.

Laura believes that her strong and loving small town beginnings in Claverack, fuel her ability to seek out and serve so many amazing organizations and people. It is now her time to serve Claverack. She kindly asks for your vote for Town Supervisor.

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