Stephen King – Town Board

I’ve been in Claverack more than 30 years.
Am currently a member of the Claverack Planning Board and a Trustee of the Claverack Free Library.

Both of these positions have helped give me a unique perspective on our town’s people, small businesses, our economic strengths and weaknesses, balanced budget.

Along with a career of more than 40 years in marketing and communications I am well trained to handle proposals and arbitrate discussions from all sides.

I pledge to help protect our town’s interest while building a smart and productive future.

STEPHEN KING came to Claverack more than 30 years ago.

Having spent most of his childhood in Newtown Connecticut, after high school, he went on to study at the School of Visual Arts in New York and spent a semester at San Francisco State College.

Stephen’s parents were both professional illustrators, so the step into the world of advertising was a natural and easy one.

This step evolved into a more than 40-year career starting as an assistant art director and ending as an Executive VP /World-wide director of creative services for, at the time, the world’s largest agency specializing in healthcare communications.

His specialty was in branding, brand positioning and creative marketing.

This experience along with presentation skills, gaining consensus among different groups who may share an objective but have very different ideas is what set him apart from his peers. His other strengths are in staff management, and development of multi-million-dollar department budget development.

All this gives Stephen the experience, ability and willingness to HEAR what others are saying thus making him well suited for the position of Councilman on the Town Board.

He is already using these talents as a Trustee of The Claverack Free Library and a member of The Claverack Town Planning Board.

In both his professional career and his work with the Library and the Town Planning Board, Stephen focuses on new ideas and proactive actions. As Councilman on the Town Board he will help identify then search and find the RIGHT kinds of business that not only fit with community, but also provides jobs and income without becoming a tax burden to our support services.

Also, being the youngest of four siblings, who are all senior citizens and having helped take care of his mother for six months after a major stroke gives him the desire to address senior housing, transitional care and advocacy programs for our seniors in Claverack and Philmont.

Stephen lives in Claverack with his husband, Peter Bevacqua (a relationship of more than 42 years). Peter has a thriving garden design business that is active in not only Columbia County but Dutchess and Green counties as well.

Peter was a Board Member of the Alliance for Positive Health (formally the AIDS Council of Northeaster New York), they both remain active in this organization. They both have served for several years on the Scholarship Committee at Columbia-Green Community College.

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